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I have been fascinated with photography for a large portion of my life, however it wasn’t until 2013 when I actually first purchased a good camera and began studying the craft. The first year or so was spent wandering around the city and aimlessly pointing the camera toward anything, with the camera set in auto mode.

By the time I first starting shooting gigs in 2015 I had progressed to manual camera controls which was a huge leap at the time - yikes!

Since 2015 I have studied various photographic genres, with my main passion being landscapes and portraits. The challenges thrown at a photographer when shooting these two genres can be quite intense despite some perceptions - the balancing of light for instance is truly a unique art form whether that be during a portrait shoot where you are usually controlling the light so that it doesn’t splash everywhere, or whether the contrast between light and shadow in a landscape shoot requires timing and several other factors in order to create the right balance.

Live gig shoots provide a real challenge because of the low light situations and the image deadlines, although I still get a thrill doing them for media publications. For me though I am most at ease when shooting landscapes. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of planning (and some anxiety) required in order to be able to create a beautiful landscape image, however once you’re at the desired location, your gear is set up and you’re ready to shoot then the calmness kicks in and all is well with the world.

Please take a look through my galleries, and if you like my work and you would like to enquire about purchasing prints, or hiring me for a photo shoot then please complete the details on my 'contact' page, then we can chat and begin the process.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

Roger Brooks.